Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Vasectomy fortnight launched at Longleng

District Health Society (DHS) Longleng conducted the observance and launching programme on Vasectomy fortnight at CMO conference hall on November 21 under the theme:” Now men will fulfill their responsibility and show their participation by adopting family planning”. DHS Longleng will be observing the vasectomy fortnight from November 21 to December 4,2022.
According to CMO Longleng, Dr. Kibangkumba, at the programme, the keynote address was delivered by Dr. Imnameren phom DPO(RCH/UIP).
Dr. Imnameren said that the fortnight programme consists of two phase mobilization fortnight from November 21 to 27. He therefore appealed to all the ASHAs and health workers to take active part in mobilizing the people by contacting the men of all the targeted couples in their areas and encouraged them to give necessary counselling to clear the misconceptions and myths related to vasectomy. He also informed the health workers to sensitize the beneficiaries about the incentives for beneficiaries opting for vasectomy. He stated that the second phase will be held from November 28 to December 4, which will be dedicated to service delivery.
Dr.L. Khyothungo Yanthan, Jr. specialist(surgeon), DH Longleng conducted the technical session presentation (PPT on vasectomy) while Dr. Kibangkumba delivered short speech and appealed to all the health care workers and ASHAs to carried out all the activities in all the blocks during the vasectomy fortnight.

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