Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Vatican furious as crucified frog statue goes on display

The Vatican is said to be furious after a museum in Italy has turned down the Pope’s request to remove the sculpture of a crucified green frog, holding a beer mug and an egg, from display.
According to Pope Benedict, the artwork is blasphemous as it “wounds the religious sentiments of so many people who see in the cross the symbol of God’s love”.
However, the Board of Museion museum in the Italian city of Bolzano has decided not to take down the modern art sculpture by late German artist Martin Kippenberger. In fact, by a majority vote, they have put the art piece on display.
The wooden sculpture, called “Zuerst die Fuesse”, meaning Feet First, depicts a frog about one metre 30 cm high nailed to brown cross and clutching a beer mug in one hand and an egg in another.
It wears a green loin cloth and is nailed through the hands and the feet in the manner of Jesus Christ while its green tongue hangs out of its mouth.
But, according to museum officials, the artist, who died in 1997, considered it a self-portrait illustrating human angst and there is no reason why the artwork should not be displayed, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.
However, Pope Benedict, who is German himself, did not agree and wrote a letter of support in the Pope’s name to the President of the regional government, Franz Pahl, who has also opposed the sculpture.
“Surely this is not a work of art but a blasphemy and a disgusting piece of trash that upsets many people. This decision to keep the statue there is totally unacceptable. It is a grave offence to our Catholic population,” Pahl said.


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