Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Vijayan slams Shah, says Kerala is a safe place to live in

Lashing out against Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that Kerala is a safe place to reside for people of all castes, creed and religions.
He was responding to a speech of Amit Shah at Puthur in Mangalore on Saturday in which the Union Minister had warned the people that if the BJP didnot return back to power, the state would be like Kerala.
Vijayan, while speaking at a public function in Kottayam, said that the Union Home Minister had said that he does not want to speak further on Kerala and asked the Union minister what was there to speak.
He said that Kerala was a place where there was no demarcation among anyone and people were living in close amity in the state.
The Kerala Chief Minister also said that unemployment and poverty were at their zenith in the country and added that the administration must be for the poor and not for the well-to-do people. He also said that those who cannot properly administer the country were trying to create a wedge between people in a communal manner and added that Kerala was an exception to such matters.
The Kerala Chief Minister also said that the people of the state will not allow the state to change from the present situation of people living in harmony and amity.


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