Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Village councils warn against wildlife trade

Pherima ‘A’ Village and Pherima ‘B’ councils in a joint council meeting discussed issues pertaining to trade of wild birds and wild animals within its jurisdictions and adopted resolution.
In a press release, village council Pherima ‘B’ chairman, Tohovi Sema and head GB Pherima village, Vikato Ayemi stated that the councils held an emergency joint council meeting following reports of some individuals engaging in the trade of buying and selling birds and wild animals at the stretch of National Highway that falls under its jurisdictions. It resolved to impose fine on any individuals or group found to be indulging in such trade activity, and to impose stringent punishment including expulsion from the village for a period of one year. The councils said the offenders would be reported to the appropriate authority for prosecution under relevant section(s) of the Wild Life Act. The councils said publication of the notice should be treated as a “final warning” and warned that those found indulging in the illegal trade shall be booked and penalized according to the resolutions passed by the joint village council.


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