Thursday, December 8, 2022

Vipito releases MV ‘more Than Love’


Dimapur-based Naga singer, Vipito Swu, has released a single music video titled, “More Than Love” on Friday.
Talking about the song, Vipito said “More Than Love” was not just a song, but a testament, a story, a journey of love, sharing and living, which started as an imagery story in his head, a sort of happy ending everyone wishes for.
Vipito, 24, is currently doing his music degree at Margaret Shishak School of Music.
The singer said he chose music because it was one of the best art forms for expressing oneself.
The song is written by Vipito, audio production was done by Moyuchen Yanthan at Infinite Records Kohima.
Video Production by Asemyoumba Jamir and One Nagaland, Gaffer by Khrievelie Suohumvu, Sound by Talimeren Longchar and cover art by Ibeto V Swu.

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