Monday, November 28, 2022

Viswema VC celebrates 75 years


Viswema Village Council (Viswema Mechü Krotho) celebrated the formation of its 75th years at Viswema Village on Monday.
The event was graced by advisor of Youth Resources and Sports, Er. Zale Neikha.
In his speech, the advisor expressed concern on the complacent attitude of the youngsters while preparing for competitive examinations.
The advisor said that this kind of mindset should be changed and reminded them that there was no shame in earning through ones dignity and hard work.
He also stressed on the need to explore various entrepreneurial activities for economic sustenance instead of depending on government job for survival. Zale also acknowledged the villages for maintaining unity and oneness and encouarged them to spread it to the neighbouring villages. He said it was for this reason, the village has been blessed and were ahead in many field including human resources as it has had produced a number of officials. He further called upon the village to continue to uphold those principles and instill the same spirit to the neighbouring villages and region.
Later, the advisor also unveiled the jubilee souvenir.
Rtd. Commissioner and Secretary and former advisor to chief minister, Viketol Sakhrie in his speech also encouraged the unemployed youths to take up farming as an alternative form of employment for sustenance.
Dr.Vizovol Mekro spoke about the book titled “History of the Viswema” in English “Viswemadze” in Tenyidie which has been compiled and written through records written manuscripts, recorded histories and accounts of writers including British writers.
Short speeches were also delivered by ex-MLA 15 Southern Angami A/C II,Kropol Vitsu, Rtd. Principal Secretary & advisor to Chief Minister,Menükhol John; Commissioner & Secretary Women Resource Development and Horticulture, Anenla T Sato; Commissioner & Secretary Land Resources, Vikeyie Kennao; Secretary Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Khrüpi Sothu; Rtd. Addl. Development Commissioner Planning & Coordination, Nosazol Charles Chaya.

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