Monday, January 30, 2023

Wait until dark

Business and shopping hours in Dimapur end at around 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. when shops and business establishments down shutters but fish and vegetable vendors extend the deadline in order to cater to the customers. As a growing cosmopolitan city and as the trade and commerce capital of Nagaland, Dimapur’s inhabitants are also cosmopolitan in lifestyle. Evening life in Dimapur is booming for those who are used to eating out while business is also thriving. Many visitors to Dimapur are impressed by the quality of food and also the ambience of the restaurants and kiosks. A recent development that highlighted the community of wild and reckless elements, hell bent on having fun but not understanding that their unruly revelry is certainly not fun neither for themselves or especially the residents around places where they hold such parties. A joint council of two colonies in Dimapur had recently issued a stern warning against those owning food stalls/carts selling food items near Clock Tower Junction(Old City Tower) across Holy Cross School for carrying on their business well past midnight till wee hours the next day. The permit for hand cart/food cart/stall is issued by the Dimapur Municipal Council(DMC) and which may have been issued after verifying the bona fides of the applicants. This business is supposed to promote self-help or self-employment or dignity of labour for livelihood. However, DMC should monitor activities so that rules governing licenses are implemented. On their part, the administration and police have to be more proactive in maintaining peace and tranquillity by enforcing the law. There are many food bars in and around Dimapur, where people throng to spend leisure time with family and friends. In reality, Dimapur could boast of having among the best food eateries in the region. This clearly reflects the talent of the young people some of who have trained at well known institutes and hotels. If, the state government really wants to promote tourism then it needs to look no further but at the lifestyle of its youth and middle class. The lifestyle reflect the development of entrepreneurship that is at par with the best in the region. There is also potential for night market in Dimapur but there is dire need for providing selected spots for local producers and sellers. It is seen that in the name of promoting local entrepreneurs or local growers etc, the state government has no implementable plan to provide a proper market place for local sellers dealing with organic vegetables, fruits and meat items etc. One of the fastest growing local market is in Dimapur near Naga Shopping Arcade. Hundreds of sellers, some from far away places congregate to sell their wares. The local sellers or vendors have no pace but to spread their wares on the very narrow drain cover supposed to be a sidewalk. There are rows of stalls recently constructed by the side of the Arcade, probably meant for local growers. However, most of the stalls have been sub-let to traders selling the usual clutter of plastic buckets, plastic items and grocery items. The administration and DMC need to take up the matter so that night markets encourage genuine business and where no drug pedlars or liquor smugglers are allowed to hijack it by thinking that, come evening and it’s time for fun and revelry.

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