Thursday, December 8, 2022

Wave of condemnations over abuse of three minors in Dimapur

Condemnations continued to pour in against the physical abuse and mental harassment meted out on three minors in Dimapur.
NWHD: Naga Woman Hoho Dimapur (NWHD) president Neinuo Kire and general secretary Kuholy Chishi strongly condemned mental and physical abuse of the three minors. Stating that it was “sickening”, NWHD said it was shocked to learn that people were still involved in committing such heinous and barbaric act at a time when the contemporary society had been voicing out against such child abuse.
NWHD said such act was unforgivable and unjustifiable and should not be allowed to take place at any cost even in the name of disciplining. It, therefore, appealed to the law enforcing agencies to take the matter seriously and book those barbaric persons involved. NWHD also expressed sympathy to the victim and also assured support to fight against such act.
LSU, LVC, LNSK: The Longwa Village Council (LVC), Longwa Students’ Union (LSU) and Longwa Nyupuh Sheko Khong (LNSK) said they were truly enraged at the physical and mental torture of three minors from Longwa village by Ronica Miachie-o for several years and months at her Dimapur residence.
In a joint statement, LVC chairman C. Noklem Konyak, LNSK president Phohi Konyak and LSU president Jeilei claimed that Ronica first came to Longwa Village in 2017 and had also interacted with the Chief Angh of Longwa while introducing herself as a Christian missionary.
In 2020, they said Ronica took one of the children along with her after “luring the poor parents by promising free and quality education to their child, to which the parents happily agreed.”
Later on, two other kids were also brought to her on the same proposal, they said. They said that the parents and relatives, considering her as a Good Samaritan, were grateful for the help she was rendering to their families. But suspicion arose when the accused Ronica hardly allowed the parents to have telephonic conversation with their children, let alone visiting them at home, they said.
After it came to light that she had been torturing the minors physically and mentally for years, the village leaders said the children also testified that they were fed with rice mixed with sand gravel. They also alleged besides tieing meat pieces over their body and letting them spend the night with the dogs, Ronica also physically hurt them with sharp objects and even poured kerosene and burnt their hair.
They alleged that the minors were mercilessly beaten on regular intervals, which were clearly evident through the bruises and marks all over their body. As a result, one of the kids was currently in hospital and undergoing treatment, they said, adding that the medical report also suggests that there were not given proper food because of which the children were malnourished.
Taking note of these, the village leaders said Ronica “won the hearts of the parents with her sugar coated words and by proclaiming herself as a missionary just to torture the minors and to spoil their lives.”
They also demanded to know what enmity Ronica had with the people of Longwa and Konyak tribe in particular?
“Now that she is exposed, she is absconding and is on the run possibly. We are afraid that our children won’t be the last victims if she is not given the punishment she has earned,” the signatories said.
They fervently appealed to the law enforcing authority to nab the culprit at the earliest possible and take stringent action as per the law. The village leaders also extended cooperation with the Police and other agencies until justice was served to the innocent minors.

KSUD: Konyak Students’ Union Dimapur said it vehemently condemned abusive conduct of Ronika Miachieo against the three minors at Burma Camp, Dimapur.
In a press note, KSUD president Wangwan Konyak and general secretary Yangto Konyak expressed dismay to learn about the “infringement” of the rights and assault on the minors, deprivation of positive human qualities.
While appealing all to condemn such incident, KSUD also urged various sections to refrain from indulging in such barbarism, adding that the union yearned for contributions in building harmonic culture in the society.
It also appealed to the law enforcing agencies to expedite the legal proceedings and award befitting punishment as per the law.

DENSU: Dimapur Eastern Nagaland Students’ Union (DENSU) said it was utterly dismayed to learn about the cruel and inhuman act committed against the three minors by one Ronika Miachieo.
In a press note, DENSU president Bendang said it was evident that the minors were kept confined and incessantly tortured, causing intense physical and mental suffering.
While condemning the incident, DENSU said such evil act committed on minors was unthinkable of a human being.
The union also urged the law enforcement authority to arrest the accused person, adding that such person should not be allowed to wander freely. It also appealed to all the right thinking citizens to condemn such a dreadful act.

ASTD: Ao Senso Telongjen Dimapur (ASTD) also vehemently condemned the physical and mental abuse of three minors by one Ronika.
In a press note, ASTD vice president Imtisangba Aier said such kind of extremity cannot be tolerated in a civilized society. Therefore, ASTD appealed to the law enforcing agencies to take stringent action against the culprit as per the law before matters go out of hand.
The union also prayed that Almighty grant the three minors the strength to overcome this barbaric act meted to them.

DNSU: Dimapur Naga Students Union (DNSU) said it was utterly shocked to learn about the outrageous and inhumane act by Ronika Miachei-o towards the three minor children on the guise of providing education and raising them.
DNSU president Moayanger Jamir and general secretary Sedelo T Vadeo said when the innocent children were supposed to be enjoying their childhood schooling and growth, such action was horrendous and terrifying.
The union called upon the concerned authorities to seriously deal with the issue and immediately arrest Ronika, who has been absconding
DNSU also appealed to the parents’ community to be mindful of entrusting their children to just anyone without proper evidence and awareness and to be vigilant about the unprecedented situations in our society.

Miachieo clan L Khel clarifies

The Miachieo Clan of Lhisemia Khel, Kohima village while condemning the incident of child abuse, also clarified on the antecedents of Ronica, accused in mental torture and physical assault on three minors in Dimapur.
In a statement, Miachieo clan president Pelezotuo Miachieo and secretary Neiser Miachieo said that “Miss Ronica is daughter of Mr. Bangka Lukram and Mrs. Kelhousetuoti.”
The clan further said that Kelhousetuoti is daughter of Mr. Bhim and Sasienuo Miachieo. Being a patriarchal society, where both inheritance and surname passes from father to son, the clan maintained that “Ronica’s father and her grandfather do not belong to the clan or Kohima Village.” They also clarified that Miachieo clan did “not adopt Miss Ronica or her parents, legally or in traditional way.”
Therefore, as per the customs and tradition of a patriarchal society, neither Ronica nor her parents can claim to be of Miachieo Clan or use the surname, the signatories asserted.
Further, the clan said it was also evident from the fact that in 2021, as per the directives of Lhisemia Council, Miachieo Clan had prepared and submitted census details of clan members wherein Ronica and her parents’ names were not in the census.
Meanwhile, the clan said it was shocked and vehemently condemned the unfortunate incident of child abuse by Ronica. The clan expressed solidarity with the victims and their family and also appealed to the police and judiciary to take the strongest action as per law.

Disclosure of identity of juvenile(s) punishable offence: CWC

DIMAPUR, NOV 5 (NPN): Child Welfare Committee (CWC) Dimapur under Social Welfare department has cautioned individuals, groups and organizations that posting/sharing news, images and videos of minors, juveniles on social media etc. was an offence under the Juvenile Justice Act.
CWC took note of a recent video of a minor that went viral on social media which was an offence against children under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act. CWC therefore, advised all those posting names, images etc to stop such circulation and publishing them on social media and to remove them with immediate effect. According to CWC under Section 74 sub section (1) of the Act, any disclosure of the identity/details of a child in any media (audio-visual/print) etc. in conflict with law or a child in need of care and protection or a child victim or witness of a crime etc. was against the law.
Further, as per Sub Section(3),any person contravening the provision of sub section (1) shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or fine which may extend to two lakh rupees or both. CWC warned that anyone found violating the Act would be punished as per the law.

NCC excommunicates Ronika

Namgalong Colony Council (NCC) Ward 5, Burma Camp along its frontal bodies– Namgalong Women Organisation, Namgalong Youth Front and GB during its emergency meeting on November 5 terminated Ronika Machieo from the post of secretary Namgalong Women Organisation and ex-communicated her from the colony and also barred her from involving in any activity of colony till the matter was resolved as per the law.
In a statement, NCC chairman H. Daniel Swu and secretary Jenpu Rongmei also condemned and expressed shock and pain over the shameful inhuman act of mentally torturing and physical assault on three minors by Ronika, who were brought from Mon in the guise of providing education to them.
The council also assured fullest cooperation to the law enforcing agencies in delivering justice to the victims and families. It also expressed heartfelt sympathy to the victims and families and prayed for recovery of the minors from the trauma.

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