Sunday, January 29, 2023

WC,NNPGs vent ire at ‘anti-solution stance’ of state BJP


In a sharp attack on Nagaland state BJP leadership, Working Committee (WC), Naga national Political Groups (NNPGs) Thursday claimed that the “anti solution stance” of state BJP president Temjen Imna Along and “his cohorts have greatly hampered the progress and fruition of the Naga political talks.”
WC, NNPGs media cell stated that while the BJP government at the centre was “trying its best” to find permanent peace in Nagaland through negotiated political settlement with Naga political groups, the state BJP leadership, on the other hand, was playing with fire. Media Cell stated that the WC, NNPGs on November 9, 2022 wrote an official letter addressed to the state BJP President for a meeting on crucial matters. However, it said till date, there has been no response despite the BJP chief being “still at large.”
Further WC even alleged that Along had failed not only the Nagas but also his own party. WC also described Along as “a man devoid of any principle, an opportunist and morally bankrupt” who is also responsible for misleading the Naga people and betraying BJP leadership in New Delhi. WC, NNPGs vowed that it would “not allow such a man to represent the Nagas either at Kohima or in Delhi.” In attacking Along, WC drew parallel to 1998 when Congress party went against the wishes of the Naga people by going ahead with election instead of solution. It said when Congress party subsequently assumed power uncontested, it failed to honour the people’s demand and instead, “believed they had wiped out all other regional political parties in Nagaland.”
WC said Nagas however responded by promptly showing Congress the exit door and adding that , the Congress party today “ is struggling to regain the confidence of the people.”
WC likewise said that Along, after assuming state BJP leadership, fiddled with Naga political issue and “played every dirty trick in the book to thwart the progress of Indo-Naga talks.”
Further WC alleged that the “treacherous habit” of State BJP chief has “deeply eroded the Naga People’s confidence. “
While describing itself as the messenger of the Naga people, WC, NNPGs said it has negotiated with the government of India in accordance with the desire and aspiration of the people.
It claimed to have identified and observed “numerous selfish anti-Naga solution individuals and groups” working day and night to sabotage Naga solution.
Maintaining that the politics of “election for solution of 2018” had failed, the WC reiterated that the “Indo-Naga political solution is what the Naga tribes and civil societies anticipate.”
WC cautioned that “men like Mr. Temjen Imna Along” and their trivial activities would “most certainly ensure a wipe out of BJP from Nagaland” if election was enforced in Nagaland against the people’s demand for honourable and acceptable negotiated political settlement.
WC has declared that it was left with no other option but to go by the desire and aspiration of the Naga people of “Solution not Election” and added that the 1998 Congress debacle and subsequent punishment was “similarly staring at Nagaland BJP in the face.”

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