Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Western Sumi bodies ban buying, selling of vote

As the stage is set for the general election to the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly, the Western Sumi Hoho (WSH), Western Sumi Kukami Hoho (WSKH) and Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) have resolved to “strictly” prohibit buying and selling of vote.
In a joint statement, WSH president Atomi Swu, WSKH president Vikuto Achumi and WSYF president Mughavi Awomi said the resolution was adopted during general meeting held at the WSH Hiyam on January 30, 2023.
The three bodies have empowered all responsible to confiscate in the event of anyone caught buying or selling of vote, and if any issue arises, to be reported to WSH frontal organisations.
They have also banned setting up of “youth camps” in any village or colony while meetings were allowed.
The three bodies have also debarred use and issue of any intoxicant.
Further, use of loud speakers (sound systems) has been debarred during election campaigning.
WSH, WSKH and WSYF also reaffirmed support to the January 26, 2023 resolution of the Sumi Hoho and its frontal organizations with regard to the 2023 assembly election.
The three bodies resolved that as enshrined in the Western Sumi Hoho constitution, no Sumi, who had been elected, selected, or nominated to any position in any Sumi civil society organisations (NGOs), was allowed to “drag along with the platform of the organisation while exercising the individual right as a citizen to favour and vote for any party or candidate.”
They said that the directives have been adopted as an enabling order for all the GBs, Councils, and leaders of frontal branches at various level in Sumi villages and colonies to “follow up in strict implementation for the good and upliftment of all the Sumi areas.”
Meanwhile, all the Church leaders in the mission centres, pastors and associated members of all Sumi churches have been requested to participate through their prayers in the collective effort to bring about the “much needed transformative changes in all the Sumi areas.”


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