Sunday, March 26, 2023

Western Sumi frontals reiterate December 12 resolution

Western Sumi frontal organisations have reiterated the December 12, 2022 Kuhuboto resolution urging the state government to disband the SIT and take immediate measures to stop the ongoing “wanton destruction and stealing of private property/plantations in Kiyevi village land.”
In a statement through WSH media call, they also demanded that the biased order of the government declaring Kiyevi village land as “disputed area” be revoked immediately in the interest of justice. They insisted that the eviction order of the government must be honoured by “stopping all developmental activities in the so-called Lamhainamdi village and the encroachers evicted.”
But in the event of the government failing to enforce its own order of eviction and instead retained the SIT to arbitrarily harass the landowners through summons or arrests, they declared that they would resort their own course of action. The frontals bodies said it was very unfortunate that the Kiyevi village land encroachment issue had become a bone of contention, not between the landowners and encroachers, but between the landowners and the State government.
According to them, the unbiased opinion of the government, free from prejudice and favouritism, had become suspect when the encroachers were made to look legitimate and landowners. In such a scenario, they declared that it would be against their conscience to be a mute spectator.
In view of the deliberate attempt to establish Lamhainamdi village within Kiyevi village land, they recalled that the State government had issued status quo and eviction orders on June 25, 2019 and on July 8, 2019. They however lamented that the government did nothing to enforce its own eviction order or implement the status-quo. They pointed out that inaction of the government thus compelled the landowners of Kiyevi village to evict the encroachers on November 7, 2022.
Instead of understanding the compelling circumstances of the landowners, WSH alleged that the government set up an SIT in a high-handed manner and without ascertaining reasons thereof. They said the SIT immediately set out to harass the landowners through summons and threat of arrests. As such, the Western Sumis held a general meeting at Kuhuboto town in Niuland district on December 12, 2022 and after threadbare deliberation resolved not to cooperate with any government agencies as long as the SIT remained in place.


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