Sunday, January 29, 2023

When smell is stronger than sight

Staff Reporter

While the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) has asked all business establishments to give a face lift to their shops with repair and fresh coat of paint so as to add beautification of the city especially in view of Hornbill Festival, the ground reality emits foul smell.
This is witnessed on a daily basis on the particular stretch of the NL Road where stagnant sewage water from drains continues to inundate the stretch. This has been a feature in this stretch but till date nothing has been done to solve the problem that has made pedestrians cover their noses to avoid the stench.
Such scenes are also seen in various parts of Dimapur town and the dirty, foul smelling stagnant water seems to have simply made the entire effort of beautification or mural painting on the walls a vain exercise.
Even if the eyes delight in the makeup, yet the nose decides whether the smell is superior to sight.

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