Saturday, December 9, 2023

Wokha’s ALKAT celebrates 25th anniversary


Wokha Town’s ALKAT (Aotsür Lotha Nunger Kiyi Aoser Telomgjem) celebrated 25th anniversary on the theme, “Brighten the light where you are” on November 11 at Likya Community Hall, Wokha.

ALKAT in English means “Ao Women Folk Married to Lotha Association”. Theme speaker of the evet was pastor WTABC, Rev. Ngangnen Longkumer.
He reminded the audience that ALKAT encountered numerous challenges during its inception, but also experienced abundant blessings. He also urged the attendees to consider their achievements as a source of blessing.

Mentioned that, people may still be in the dark, involved in harmful behaviors, unaware of their spiritual darkness, he stressed the need for realization and transformation.

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At the program, Rev. Abemo Jungio, pastor WTBC, released and offered a dedicatory prayer for the jubilee souvenir. The event, chaired by Yupungla Shitiri began with an invocation by Lolenla Kikon, welcome address by Abenla Ezung, exhortation by Y. Ben Lotha, and a benediction by Lucy Yanthan.



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