Sunday, September 24, 2023

‘World Ozone Day’ observed in Kohima

World Ozone Day, also known as International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer was celebrated in Kohima on Friday. September 16 is observed as World Ozone Day to draw attention to one of the biggest threats that humanity faces—depletion of the ozone layer, and the dangers of ozone depletion. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the ozone layer. According to the United Nations, the ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the earth from the harmful portion of the rays of the sun, thus helping preserve life on the planet.
Kohima Forest Division: Kohima Forest Division, department of Environment, Forest & Climate Change observed World Ozone Day in collaboration with Government Middle School (GMS) Forest Colony, Kohima under the theme “Montreal Protocol @ 35: Global Cooperation Protecting Life on Earth”.
In a press release, Kohima Forest division stated that range forest officer, Kohima Range, Pezaneinuo Chielie while delivering the keynote address, encouraged the participants to be responsible in protecting the environment and contribute towards this common goal.
Resource person, forester-I Avezo Ruho highlighted the causes, effects and solutions for protecting the ozone layer while a short speech was delivered by GMS Forest Colony Kohima, head teacher, Albert Tungoe.
The programme was chaired by GMS teacher Grace Peletuo-ii, invocation prayer was proposed by GMS teacher Enok Awomi and later vote of thanks was delivered by forestor-I, Dziesezolie Khezhie.
A total of 250 participants including students, teachers and staff took part in the programme.
DBCK NSS unit: Don Bosco College Kohima (DBCK), NSS unit observed World Ozone Day at the college campus.
In a press release, DBCK stated that during the programme, department of Chemistry, assistant professor Aola Supong spoke on the topic “preservation of the ozone layer”.
She highlighted the importance of ozone layer and described it as the sunscreen of planet earth, protecting people from harmful Ultra Violet rays (UV-rays).
Aola also spoke on the advantages of ozone layer and the effects of ozone layer depletion.
She urged upon the students to protect the ozone layer and take small steps for a better tomorrow by ending her talk with the slogan “come together, work together, build together”.
The programme was chaired by Veciselu Lohe, invocation was offered by Zechamo Patton and a special presentation was given by Imtimar Imchen.
Later, vote of thanks was proposed by Kevedulu Nakro.

A resource person addressing the World Ozone Day programme at DBCK.


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