Monday, November 28, 2022

WSC, NU raise awareness on biodiversity

One day international seminar on “community efforts for conservation and biodiversity” was jointly organised by the Women’s Studies Centre (WSC) and department of education, Nagaland University (NU) in collaboration with Education Society Nagaland University (ESNU) on November 14 at Kohima Campus, Meriema.
According to a DIPR report, in a keynote address, director of women’s studies centre NU, professor Dr. Lungsang Zeliang highlighted the present circumstances and practices of the various Naga communities and the government in conserving biodiversity in Nagaland.
Two international speakers from Chiangmai University in Thailand, professor Dr.Yos Santasombat spoke on “Bio-diversity: Local Knowledge and sustainable development” and Dr. Arratee Ayuttacorn on “Community-based Forest Management and Indigenous Knowledge of the Karen in Northern Thailand”.
Department of Education, NU, associate professor Dr.Khotole Khieya also spoke on “community efforts on conservation and management of the environment in Nagaland”.
The speakers were unanimous about the important role played by the community in environmental conservation and the protection of biodiversity. They also stressed the need for documentation of the forest wealth and on also on sharing of knowledge and experiences in this area as global citizens.
The lectures were followed by a video presentation on bio-diversity in Nagaland by the PG students of the department of education, Nagaland University.
During the deliberation and discussion session, ideas, perspectives, methods, and techniques on how the Nagas and communities from Northern Thailand conserve and preserve biodiversity and local knowledge were exchanged.
The programme chaired by department of education, assistant professor, Dr. Anu G.S ended with vote of thanks by assistant professor department of education, NU, Dr.Neizo-ü Mero.

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