Monday, January 30, 2023

WSH resents govt’s memo on road blockade

Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) has expressed its resentment at the office memorandum (OM) issued by home commissioner Abhijit Sinha decreeing blocking of national highways and public roads as punishable offence.
In a memorandum to the commissioner through DC Chümoukedima, WSH president Shikaho Zhimomi and media cell co-convener Benito Z Swu said they were completely taken aback and were aghast at the OM, which they alleged reflected nothing but double standards on the part of the State government.
They stated that the memo would have been justified had it been issued immediately after the CSOs of Peren district had intimated to Peren deputy commissioner (DC) on August 9, 2022 about their already resolved decision to impose blockade on Kiyevi village. Instead, WSH said “your office obliged the CSOs of Peren district to their unjustified blockade of Kiyevi village and relented to their demand” through commissioner’s August 13 letter addressed to DC of Chümoukedima /Peren by agreeing to keep on hold payment of damage compensation to Kiyevi village.
Thereafter, they said WSH was left with no option but to impose a counter-blockade to fight for the bona fide right of Kiyevi village, which is a recognised village of Nagaland under the jurisdiction of the hoho.
The duo mentioned that they were deeply anguished by the one-sided stance of the government clearly manifest in the OM issued only after the WSH had imposed a counter-blockade. For the sake of justice and peaceful co-existence, they said the government would have done itself a favour had it issued the OM immediately after the imposition of Kiyevi blockade by the CSOs of Peren district or after due payment of damage compensation under package-III to Kiyevi village.
In the face of such blatant injustice, they said WSH had no other alternative but to further strengthen and continue its indefinite bandh until the government revoke its order to keep on hold the payment of damage compensation to Kiyevi village. They added that they expected equal treatment and justice from the State government.

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