Friday, June 2, 2023

WSH to CM: Probe who fed confidential doc to social media on extension of DGP’s service

Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) in a letter by its president Shikaho Jimomi and general secretary H. Kisheto Chishi, drew the attention of chief minister Neiphiu Rio on the recent social media campaign against the extension of service to T. John Longkumer IPS (state DGP) by the ministry of home affairs for a period of six months.
WSH told Rio that he was fully aware that the social media campaign against the DGP was “clearly engineered and calibrated by some vested interest with the ulterior motive to deface, condemn and damage the good name of the sitting DGP Nagaland and to malign the government of being partial.”
WSH said that as per laid down rules and procedure of All India Service (AIS)officers, extension of service to an officer beyond retirement was ‘very well within the preview of the permissible norm”. It added that there have been many such cases in the past and cited the case of the present union home secretary who “is on the fourth extension beyond his retirement.”
WSH said it has brought the issue to the chief minister because some unscrupulous and “vested interest individual is deliberately trying to defame and demean the image of a bonafide Naga officer”.
WSH reminded that when Nagaland has a history of having many DGPs from other cadres, both local and non-local IPS officers who had served with distinction; “why single out the present DGP and accuse the state government of appointing a DGP from other cadre?”
WSH asked whether it wasn’t true that it was the prerogative of the state government to choose the DGP of a state irrespective of the cadre of the officer?
WSH further provided a vital clue that confidential document were fed to “few social media influencers, youtubers and wannabe spokesperson of the masses “with twisted and malafide intention to discredit the state government” and also “to serve one’s self interest, in the hope to sit on the top chair of the police department.”
WSH said it has taken the matter seriously as it was “setting a bad precedence and even polarising the police department itself into different camps, which can be dangerous in the maintenance of law and order”.
In view of the above, WSH appealed to the chief minister to “have an open probe and identify the person behind the scene, creating all these social media drama, thereby causing confusion and uncertainty in the overall administration and maintenance of law and order in the state.”


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