Sunday, February 5, 2023

WSSU condemns attack on president

Western Sumi Students Union (WSSU) vice president Kabo G. Zhimoni and general secretary X. Hinoka Chophi have strongly condemned the dastardly attack on its president A. Kughato Achumi on March 19 night allegedly by one Enoch Wotsa.
In a press note, WSSU claimed that Kughato was deliberately and brutally attacked with an attempt to cause and inflict serious harm. It said that such attack was cowardly, inhumane and does not find any place in a civilized society.
Further, on learning the gravity of the incident, WSSU said an emergency meeting was held on March 20 with its advisors and senior leaders where the union expressed surprise to learn from reliable source that the attack on its president was not random but allegedly a premeditated murder with a criminal motive.
Starting that such act was unbecoming in Naga culture, WSSU appealed all responsible citizens to condemn such crime. The union also prayed for speedy recovery of its president.

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