Monday, January 30, 2023

WSYF asks public to cooperate with district administration

Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) has asked land donors and public of Niuland district to extend cooperation to the district administration for all round development of the district.
In a press release, WSYF president Mughavi Awomi said with Niuland being a newly created district, the cooperation from people was required for smooth development activities. The youth front also urged upon the responsible departments to “sincerely execute the ongoing projects in the district” and complete them within the time period as given in the work orders.
Further, it acknowledged minister for Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Jacob Zhimomi and advisor for Excise, Sericulture and Minority Affairs, Zhaleo Rio for showing concern in creating Niuland district and bringing all round developments in the district.

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