Thursday, December 8, 2022

WSYF reacts to NPCC statement

Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) has criticized the recent statement by Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) for making “wild preposterous assumptions” on Kiyevi-Lamhainamdi land issue.
Quoting NPCC’s statement: “It looks like land were gifted by Dumki village to both Kiyevi and Lamhainamdi…,” WSYF president Mughavi Awomi described NPCC statement as completely “wild, false, and misleading” and a blatant attempt to discredit Kiyevi village by equating it with Lamhainamdi and elevating Dumki village. WSYF claimed that Kiyevi village was established in 1939 during the British rule and on permission from the British when no boundaries existed.
WYSF said Lamhainamdi villages was instead created on the basis of No Objection Certificate (NoC) issued by Lamhai village on September 4,2018 for setting up the new village within the land falling under Kiyevi village.

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