Monday, November 28, 2022

WSYF reacts to statements by ZYON on Lamhainamdi

Reacting to what it termed as “consistent attempts to create an atmosphere of confusion” among Naga brothers by portraying “bonafide Sümi village/villagers of Western Sümi areas as land grabbers”, Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) said as per its understanding, under the cloak of confusion and misconceptions, an active campaign was being launched at ground zero and in the media, “to justify encroachment activities upon legitimate Western Sümi village land.”
WSYF reiterated an attempt was being made to nullify the hardships and struggles foregone in history by “ the Western Sümi pioneers” for what they have as Western Sümi areas.”
On the November 15 statement by Zeliangrong Youth Organisation Nagaland (ZYON) which rejected the claim that Sümis obtained NoC from Lamhai village by paying 4 Annas to the Zeliangs, WSYF said this was bereft of historical facts since “official records” written by then ADC Peren, stated that “many Zeliang brothers carried out cultivation in Western Sümi land by paying taxes.”
WSYF also claimed that Western Sümi areas including present day Kiyevi village has been in continuous occupation by Western Sümis “ever since the British Raj.” In order to put matters “into perspective of historical facts”, WSYF pointed out that the act of encroachment and setting up of the “so-called Lamhainamdi” within the “well accepted Western Sümi village land is preposterous and unacceptable under any pretexts”.
WSYF said that in lieu of “undeniable historical facts” the affected Western Sümi villages and Western Sümis in general, exercised utmost restraint in line with facts and circumstances, to maintain peace and removal of “illegal settlements in Western Sümi village land” when the authorities passed orders for status quo on June 25, 2019 and eviction order on July 8, 2019.
WSYF said it was unfortunate, that “illegal activities” had been perpetrated despite standing government orders and “provoking hostilities” through “unverifiable and cooked up stories to justify illegal encroachments upon Western Sümi village lands.”
On the 10-day ultimatum served by the villagers of Lamhainamdi, WSYF said the “misconceived ultimatums, challenging the government orders”, which were in effect for maintaining peace and order, further threatened the “very sanctity of the effected Western Sümi villages”. WSYF said that with much urgency it has called upon all “right thinking citizens to uphold the truth and the concerned authority to evict the illegal settlement from Western Sümi village as per standing government orders.”
On the statement issued on November 16, 2022 by persons belonging to various tribes of Lamhainamdi, WSYF said individuals taking name of tribes for their own benefit was “provocative in nature” and that no one should “get involved without knowing the historical fact and tarnish the image of one’s tribe.”
WSYF said that the statement purportedly made by a GB of “so-called Lamhainamdi” who threatened Sümis involves “criminal liabilities” on himself and a threat on Sümi people in general and appealed to all Sümis to take “extra precautionary steps to face any eventualities.”

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