Monday, January 30, 2023

WSYF reaffirms Sept 21 statement, deadline

Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) on Saturday adopted a two-point resolution, reaffirming its three-week deadline served on the state government in its September 21 statement, under Western Sumi Hoho.
According to WSYF media cell, the resolution was adopted during an emergency meeting held on October 8 at Kiyevi village, attended by 10 Western Sümi areas and 16 units under WSYF.
WSYF said the meeting deliberated on the issue of the so called Lamhai Namdi village claiming the land of Kiyevi village and the indifferent attitude of the State Government towards the struggle and worries of people of Kiyevi Village.
The house also resolved that it would neither take away even an inch of land “which does not rightfully belong to us nor will we let any encroachers take away even an inch of land which is rightfully ours.”
“We will in any way protect and guard our land,” WSYF stated.
In his presidential address, WSYF president Mughavi Awomi reminded that the Sümi pioneers, with a great vision for the coming generation, took the initiative of creating WSYF in 2007 to “stand for and protect the rights of the Sümi brothers and sisters.”
Mughavi maintained that the WSYF had been writing to the state government highlighting the issue and plight of Kiyevi village. However, he said the government, apart from issuing two orders, had never taken keen interest on whether the orders were wholly being implemented or not.
Reminding about the three-week ultimatum, which would end on October 13, Mughavi cautioned that if the government failed to take any steps, WSYF would take the issue in its hands and should not be held responsible.
Mughavi accused the government of creating tribalism within the Naga community, and for shifting its responsibilities by earlier inviting 14 tribes and recently asking the CNTC and Tenyimi to resolve the issue.
He said that this was not a land dispute, as the land rightfully belonged to the people of Kiyevi village. However, he said “the land owner cannot plough their own land while the encroachers are fully developing with the help of the security forces placed by the state government.”
Blaming the state government for its inability to settle the issue, Mughavi also accused the government of being “discriminative and bias against the Sümi tribe”.
He said if the orders were implemented properly, then peace and order would have long been established in the tensed area and the Naga brothers and sisters would be living in peace and harmony with each other.
Meanwhile, in the meeting, WSYF said a mother sadly narrated the struggle, pain and the fear they have been living in within their own village area, and afraid of their children getting harmed by the encroachers while playing around the fields.
In the meeting, assistant GB Yevito Zhimo also narrated the history of Kiyevi village and how they were living in harmony with each other before the issue arose. Another assistant GB of Kiyevi village, Zheshito Swu lamented that despite writing to the state government since the illegal establishment of Lamhai Namdi village in June 13, 2019, they were yet to receive any response.
Earlier, the meeting was chaired by WSYF general secretary Bohoi Yeptho while WSYF official Ikatoli Achumi recorded the meeting details.
Kiyevi village pastor Howoto Shohe invoked God’s blessings and WSYF vice president Otoka Yeptho delivered the vote of thanks.

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