Wednesday, March 29, 2023

WSYF rejoinder to ZYON statement

Western Sümi Youth Front (WSYF) has issued a rejoinder to Zeliangrong Youth Organisation Nagaland (ZYON) statement published on December 2.
WSYF, through its media cell, while appreciating their kindness in offering land to the Naga brothers, reminded them “to send and give them your own land rather than giving other’s land which is creating enemies between Naga brothers and is hampering peace within neighbouring villages in particular and the Naga society in general.” It said that “the present so-called declared disputed land was the old village of Vihuto which was established in the year 1983 to 1986 with a total number of 21 households.”
The front claimed that graveyard of three people who died of illness during those days was still there. But, due to deplorable road connectivity and shortage of water, WSYF said their village was shifted after 4 years to the present location on the highway.
The front said that as per Sumi traditional history, once a boundary demarcation was done by the father and forefathers, one “cannot dismantle or cross-claim our rights which is considered forbidden and illegal and if done, the coming generation will be cursed.”
WSYF refuted the claim about having a feast by the killing of the pig and termed it as totally baseless and cooked-up story.
“…be it black or white we never lie about our traditional history which our father and forefathers had lived with great pride and honor but the ZYON is very concern in fabricating and rewriting the past history which is undeniable,” WSYF stated.
WSYF said it was confused about ZYON’s statement that “Kiyevi village was given a shifting order in the year 1978 in exchange of land and the land will be a government reserved forest, likewise after Besimpui village approached the government, it was also given a shifting order in exchange of land in the year 1995 and the land will be a government reserved forest.”
However, WSYF alleged that under the pretext of that order, many new bogus villages were created by them, and therefore it was not a traditional ancestral land of the Zeliang people.
Stating that their stand was “very clear which is, we admit every truth of the past history”, WSYF asked ZYON to admit the truth instead of twisting and mentioning only half-truth.
While not denying that the claim that the British did not have even an inch of land, WSYF however said that before Indian independence every part of the history was ruled and was under the British regime.
“Whatever decision, order was taken, given by them was final and binding,” it said and claimed that the “British created a “Western Sema Region” in a no men’s land which was a dense virgin forest of the government, and the Sumis were permitted to establish villages which.” WSYF claimed that the high court had also given a clear judgement order.
Likewise, WSYF said even the Zeliang villages were give permission by the Britishers, which cannot be claimed as ancestral land.
It said that some “individual Naga tribes who were encroaching Kiyevi village land were knowingly involved and wanting to be the shield of Zeliang people”. The front therefore said that the intellectual Nagas must clearly understand that in the event of any eventuality, the government would be held solely responsible for being biased and not enforcing the issued order.
It also warned that if the government blamed or arrest any Sumis, the front would take every possible step to confront and paralyze the government for being biased and creating unrest civil war.
WSYF said that the government had created districts and demarcated the boundaries between Dimapur, Peren and Chümoukedima, while the so called declared disputed areas by the government was clearly under Chümoukedima district. Instead of enforcing the administration circle accordingly to district boundaries, WSYF accused the government order of being biased for keeping the administration circle under Peren district.
The WSYF further said that “if the demarcated boundaries cannot be protected by the Chümoukedima administration then the only option and demand of Sumi people is that every Sumi village must be shifted automatically to its original district of Dimapur and for which a very strong rally and indefinite bandhs will be called up in the entire Western Sumi region to defend the true history and to protect every inch of what is rightfully ours.”


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