Monday, January 30, 2023

WSYF urges govt to enforce July 8 order

Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) has fervently appealed to the state government to immediately enforce the eviction order issued on July 8, 2019 for peace to prevail.
In a press note, WSYF media cell reiterated that Kiyevi village was purely under the Western Sumi region permitted by the Britishers. It also claimed that the High Court had given a clear judgement order about Western Sema region.
Alleging that many lies were poured out against the Sumis “without any proof evidence”, WSYF asked where were those people when everything was under the control of the British?
It also alleged that attempts were being made to re-write history.
While Kiyevi village had been living peacefully for 79 years with all its neighbouring villages, WSYF said “then came the authorisation NOC on September 4, 2018 by the Lamhai village council for establishing new village to any Zeliangrong people in their traditional ancestors land, but were sent to Kiyevi village thus peaceful relationship were hampered.”
It further claimed that after the March 24, 2021 incident, “protest were held violently in Peren where all the arrested people involved in the crime were found to be Nagas of Manipur.”
While stating that though Kiyevi village had been given a shifting order by the state government in 1978 in exchange of land, WSYF said that did not mean that the land belonged to Zeliang people, as the order clearly mentioned that it will be a government reserved forest with exchange of land. Likewise, it said Besimpuikam village had also been given a shifting order by the government on February 26, 1995 in exchange of land.
However, WSYF claimed that they were presently residing in the same old village and had established many new villages under that order.
While claiming that it was crystal clear the land purely belonged to Kiyevi village, WSYF asked why were there still “so many criticism and hate on Sumi people. If the land was the traditional ancestors of Zeliang people, why did Besimpuikam village request for shifting order in exchange of land to the government.”
Instead of criticizing Sumis, it said “why not blame the government for having all relevant documents and issuing order after order without enforcing and being silent for so many years.”
If the issued orders were not being be implemented, WSYF said all government agencies should be withdraw from those areas.
Meanwhile, WSYF also expressed dismay over NSCN (I-M)’s October 25, 2022 statement, acknowledging that the “Ntangki forest was the traditional ancestors land of Zeliang, which is totally a false alarming statement.”
It said that if the Nagas wanted to know the truth, all official documentation with sale deed agreement was in the government office.
However, WSYF said “the blunder statement of NSCN/GPRN (IM) is totally against the will of Nagas. It is a common property of Nagas in general and a reserve forest (National park) of the government and not a traditional ancestors land of Zeliang.”
It further pointed out that the government had issued two separate orders– to maintain status quo on June 25, 2019 and eviction order on July 8, 2019.
Therefore, WSYF said it would not allow any individual/groups to forcefully occupy their land, and cautioned that it would take “any extreme steps against encroachers” to ensure and defend every inch of the land which was rightfully theirs.
It also cautioned that the government would be solely held responsible in the event of any kind of eventuality, for not enforcing the issued order.

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