Saturday, December 2, 2023

Kekhrielhoulie Yhome inaugurates community funded school building

Advisor of School Education and SCERT, Kekhrielhoulie Yhome on Saturday inaugurated the community funded school building constructed by Communities of Yaongyimchen, Alayong & Sanglu at Yaongyimchen, Longleng
Yhome appreciated the initiatives taken up by the community.

He also lauded the initiative of Lemsachenlok, a society, which has been engaged in biodiversity conservation since 2012, and communities of Yaongyimchen, Alayong and Sanglu for constructing a school building without the support from the government.

Yhome challenged various community leaders of Longleng district to focus on developing their own community and be generous to provide appropriate location for educational institutions.
He also highlighted on the challenges faced by teachers coming from different district to serve their community and encouraged the public to think about the their welfare by supporting them.

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He further challenged the community of Yaongyimchen, Alayung and Sanglu to ensure more enrolment of students in the newly constructed building and shared some future plans of the education department.
Bangtick Phom, MLA, who also graced the occasion applauded the community for taking up innovative activities as well as the staff of GHS Yaongyimchen for achieving excellent academic performance.

Short speech was delivered by Avelu Ruho, joint secretary School Education, where she appreciated Lemsachenlok Society and the sacrifice made by them to the society at large.
On the occasion, founding member of Lemsachenlok, Nuklu Phom stressed on the AlijoCademia (Morung) concept of education in the village from 2010 which later merged with Samagra as “Laaipang”.

He explained on the formal education in the form of tuition in the evening and also inculcating skill training programme, moral education, folklores and folktales and life values in the AlijoCademia. He also explained the initial challenges faced and the fear to expand to other communities due to financial constraints, but has expanded to 18 Laaipang centres.

He also conferred the “Key” of the newly constructed building sponsored by the community to the concerned department. Testament was given by chairman Bhumnyu village council on the impact made by the Lemsachenlok with the neighbouring villages of Phom area, under the leadership of Nuklu Phom.

Earlier, welcome was addressed was delivered by chairman Yaongyimchen village council. He appealed to the advisor to bring electricity connection to the school as it was of utmost importance for the functioning of the school.

Highlights of the programme concluded presentation of folk song and dance by students of Laaipang Hukphang centre, short skit on “the life with a value” and a play on “Holistic transformation” by Laaipang Yongam Centre.The programme was chaired by LC Paunen of Lemsachenlok.


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