Thursday, February 9, 2023

YSU general session concludes

A 4-day long general session-cum-conference of Yachem Students’ Union (YSU) culminated on Thursday at Yachem village with former president YSU, Changlong Phom as the speaker.
A press release issued by media cell YSU informed that speaking on the theme, “3F: Fusion, Focus & Frontal”, the speaker expressed utmost appreciation towards the youth for being in the forefront in every aspect. He said that today’s generation are fortunate and also unfortunate because the society is broken and the students have a big responsibility to play on it in unifying the society. Sharing his experiences, Phom reminded that during his time, there was no opportunity or avenues where one can pursue one’s own desires.
Emphasizing on the importance of mother tongue, he stated that today’s world is very challenging and one among myriad challenges that is confronting the youth today is the diminishing of their mother tongue.
He lamented that today’s youth can never forge ahead if they don’t embrace their mother tongue, which is their identity and roots. “There’s no institutions or schools for learning a mother tongue but it is the village and family where one can be familiarized with the mother tongue”, he added. Phom also stated that the language is an important part of any given society and if one is not careful in preserving one’s mother tongue, then they will become foreigners in their own land.
He also appreciated the women folks for being at par with men in every arena such as education, sports and various other spheres unlike in their times where the woman could hardly achieve even in matriculation.
Phom further said that the older generation are waning away and the younger generation are ushering in and so it is incumbent upon the younger generation to preserve the traditional and cultural identity of their community.
In the evening hour, the valedictory programme was graced by Addl. SP Lokayukat, Nagaland, Pongtau Phom and various artistes including Sunep Lemtur and Hopong Naga performed on stage.

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