Monday, November 28, 2022

YUD, ENWOD condemn abuse of three minors

Yimkhiung Union Dimapur (YUD) and Eastern Nagaland Women Organisation Dimapur (ENWOD), in separate condemnation notes, have condemned the inhuman tourture of the the three minors by Ronica and Amos Ezung.
While condemning the inhuman treatment and physical torture, YUD president M. Biremong Yimkhiung and general secretary, Aaron Yimkhiung said no sensible and sane human being could treat the small children to this extent and added that such individual(s) have no place to live in a civilized society. The union has also expressed sympathy towards the minors and their family members to bear the pain of such inhuman treatment from a self-proclaimed missionary. Further, YUD has urged the concerned departments or law enforcement agencies to swiftly deliver justice to the minors by awarding befitting punishment as per the applicable provisions of law.
In a condemnation note, ENWOD president, N Langmei Phom said the organisation strongly condemns the unhuman act committed towards the eastern children. Stating that this was not the first time that such incident has happened to the eastern children, ENWOD said the organisation would raise against such act if law does not take prompt and appropriate action against the culprits. ENWOD also stated that it would not remain a silent spectator but would act at its best level to deliver justice.

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