Tuesday, March 28, 2023

YUK holds 28th general session

Yimkhiung Union Kohima (YUK) held its 28th general session with advisor for IPR and Village Guards, S. Keoshu Yimkhiung as special guest at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama, on Saturday.
According to a DIPR report, the special guest in his speech said tribal union was formed with an objective to help one another and to maintain cordial relationship without “isms”.
He appealed to the Yimkhiungrüs residing within Kohima district to keep away from evil practices.
The advisor stated that such practices would not only be unpleasant to the society but also bring shame to the community.
He encouraged YUK to work hard for the upliftment of community without any favouritism as a guardian for its members and to have be united for a better future. The programme was chaired by YUK art and culture secretary, T. Pusukhong, invocation was said by YBCK pastor Wongtokiu, welcome address by YUK president, John Tochingmong and special number by YSUK.
Meanwhile, WYH vice president Kejingkhum and YTC secretary, Yinkiu also exhorted the gathering.
Later, folk song was presented by Shophu and group while vote of thanks was proposed by YUK vice president, Akumba.

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