Friday, January 27, 2023

Zhaleo graces late Rev. Zhadiu Nagi Memorial Trophy at Tsiepama

MLA & Advisor, Sericulture, Excise & Minority Affairs Nagaland, Zhaleo Rio graced the Late Rev. Zhadiu Nagi Memorial Trophy at Tsiepama local ground on January 9. The event was organised by Dream Team Club of Tsiepama village.
Speaking at the inaugural function, Zhaleo called upon youngsters to remain committed and disciplined to achieve their goal. He also acknowledged the organisers for bringing nearby villages together through the platform of sports and noted that “the present government is concerned for the welfare of youths especially in games and sports.” Taking the example of Neithovilie Chalieu, who hails from Tsiepama, Rio said that “he is a renowned goalkeeper who has won accolades and awards from all over the country”, all through his sheer determination and hardwork while adding that “there is no substitute for hardwork.”
Rio further went on to state that “Just as Rome was not built in a day, so also dreams and careers are achieved only through relentless perspiration and rigorous training over many years.” He also advised the villagers, leaders, etc. to encourage and give proper guidance to youngsters as they strive to achieve their goals.
Also speaking at the function, state football coach and vice president, Nagaland Football Association, Mughato Aye, challenged sportspersons to come out of their comfort zone in order to excel in their respective fields. He acknowledged the exemplary efforts of Neitho Chalieu who is known all over the country and advocated that he is a role model for all Nagas today. Aye also requested the government to consider the vast experiences and achievements of Neitho while giving him due recognition as deserved by him. Nine teams from neighbouring villages are participating in the tournament which will culminate on January 14. The inaugural programme was chaired by Mhasikhotso Shüya while pastor TCRC, Seyiezhalie, offered invocation.

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