Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Zhimomi Hoho celebrates 75th anniversary

Zhimomi Hoho (ZH) celebrated its 75th anniversary at Sheyipu village near Zunheboto town on Thursday in presence of thousands of clan members from different parts of the State.
The one-day celebration began with opening of 75th anniversary monolith programme, which was chaired by G Ikuto Zhimomi, chairman of 75th Anniversary Planning Board. Prayer of dedication for the monolith was led by SBAK (Nito Mount) executive secretary Rev Hukugha Zhimomi, followed by unveiling of the monolith by Dr HS Rotokha and release of balloons.
In a press note, media & publicity committee of Zhimomi Hoho 75th Anniversary Planning Board said that special greetings and short messages were also shared by Azheto Zhimomi, MLA and Sumi Hoho president I Nikheto Jimomi. Both the speakers dwelled on the importance of knowing the roots of existence, purpose of brotherhood to broaden outlook and strive for peaceful coexistence with other clans for the overall growth of Sumi tribe in particular and Nagas in general.
A souvenir – “Vesulho” – to commemorate the 75th anniversary of ZH was released also by Azheto Zhimomi. Before its release, convener of editorial committee T Inavi Zhimo gave an outline about the contents and purpose of “Vesulho”.
The main session was held inside a specially-made pandal put up by the host village at village ground area and it was chaired by ZH joint secretary Phutoshe Zhimomi with Akito A Zhimomi as recorder.
Earlier, invocation was pronounced by former executive secretary of SABAK Rev P Hotokhu Zhimomi, while head GB of Sheyipu village Hetovi Zhimomi gave the welcome address.
Women folk of Sheyipu presented a welcome song in the form of ‘Thighale’, followed by presidential address by ZH president Ahovi Zhimomi.
A special song was presented by Elli Zhimomi that enthralled the gathering, while a presentation to honour the past and present officials of the hoho as well as programme participants was led by ZH general secretary Phukato Zhimomi.
Aphilo Kuwo, a Sumi war dance, was also performed by able-bodied men of Lizu Joint Council on the occasion, along with a grand feast given by the host village before moving on to the main session.
A special item “Zhimomi Leshe” was presented by octogenarian Bohovi Zhimomi, village chief of Shoipu while special prayer for blessings upon Zhimomi clan was led by Rev Dr Yehevi Jimomi
The vote of thanks was delivered by ZH vice-president Capt G Khekavi Zhimomi and the programme concluded with benediction by Sheyipu Baptist Church pastor Aboka Zhimomi.

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