Saturday, December 9, 2023

ZMO-N, PSU condemn rape

Zeliangrong Mipui Organisation-N (ZMON) and Poimi Students’ Union (PSU) have vehemently condemned the “inhuman brutal act of sexual assault and murder attempt” allegedly by Benjamin Terieng of Ngwalwa Village on September 8.

In a condemnation note, ZMO-N president, Apeuna Iheilung and general secretary, Aluile Hegui said that it was shameful that such “barbaric, beastly act” still existed in a civilized society, which was totally intolerable and should be condemned by everyone.

ZMO-N appealed to the law enforcing authority for impartial investigation upon the case and collect all evidences without concealing any part of their investigations.

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The organization also appealed the authority to probe the matter seriously and give stringent befitting punishment to the maximum as per the law.

PSU: Poimi Students’ Union (PSU) while condemning the rape allegedly Benjamin Terieng, son of Suibaheing Terieng, said that such “heinous act” and “barbarism” should be condemned by every right thinking citizen and should not be tolerated. PSU further urged law enforcing agencies to award highest befitting punishment to the culprit. The union prayed for the speedy recovery of the victim.


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