Monday, January 30, 2023

Zunheboto Range Students’ Union organises seminar on clean election & child rights

Zunheboto Range Students’ Union (ZRSU) organised a seminar on the topics “clean election” and “child rights” under the banner “beauty with a purpose project”, an initiative of Lika Chophy, reigning Miss Nagaland 1st runner up, Miss Sumi 2021 and district Election SVEEP icon Zunheboto, on June 21.
In a press release, ZRSU media cell informed that the first speaker, LCPO, District Child Protection Unit, advocate Khetoholi Yepthomi spoke on child rights, child abuse, child labour and various Acts under child rights.
She said child rights was equal responsibility of the public and further talked about the roles and responsibilities of the society towards protecting children.
An awareness on clean election was delivered by Sumi Hoho general secretary, Dr. Vihuto T Assumi, who said that corrupt election system was the root cause of all corruptions.
He said the people should not only blame politicians but should also blame themselves for consuming and selling their rights during election.
Dr. Vihuto, however, expressed optimism that through the awareness, the practice of clean election would prevail in the society.
An informative talk on child rights and clean election was also delivered by Lika Chophy, who said many underprivileged children were educationally deprived and that many of them were victimised as domestic helpers.
She also talked about the role of parents and society in protecting the children.
On clean election, she said that the society had “forgotten the true concept of election” and cautioned that selling votes during election was “selling our rights” which ultimately meant “selling ourselves.”
The seminar was chaired by ZRSU vice president Viki K Zhimo, welcome address was delivered by ZRSU president Gihuka K Zhimo and invocation by SBCZ associate pastor Veto Sumi.
The seminar was attended by leaders from various civil society organisations, NGOs and students.

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