Wednesday, November 30, 2022

ZYON asks state govt to make bold judgment

Zeliangrong Youth Organisation Nagaland (ZYON) has appealed to the government “to have the will and nerve to make a bold judgment to solve this issue without passing the buck to a third party.”
In a statement, ZYON media cell asked “How many lives must the Zeliangrong people bury and how many houses must be burnt before we are taken seriously?” while alleging that the “perpetrators of such crimes walk the streets scot-free and continues their unhindered encroachment and criminal activities.”
Asking the government to call spade a spade, ZYON sought for “swift and stern action”, as per the law against the perpetrators so that peace and tranquility would prevail in the land. ZYON also asked Western Sumi Youth Front to “stop blowing hot and cold on the issue of Lamhainamdi village and illegally occupied Kiyevi village” under Peren district. It alleged that “aggression and might has always been the modus operandi to set up numerous illegal settlements which ultimately becomes a village on the pretext of being under the jurisdiction of Kiyevi village.”
It also reminded that the “three bodies of our Zeliangrong brothers still lie fresh upon the very land and mud” they were allegedly massacred.
Asking WSYF to stop trying to portraying itself as the victim, ZYON said they were “far from being the victim but rather the aggressor and encroacher.”
ZYON said the very fact of WSYF arguments and rights, “to forcibly and illegally occupy the land” which belonged to Zeliangrong people, on the so called permission obtained from the British, was an open admission that they do not have any tangible claims over the illegally occupied lands.
Nonetheless, ZYON said if British ruling should be final and accepted, then the July 8, 1941 order by Sir C.R. Pawsey Deputy Commissioner of Naga Hills would put things into better perspective for all Nagas to know the fact, and quoted Pawsey as saying “Kiavi is a new comer, he has no right to fish in Tahaiki. If he can’t get on with the old villagers he can go back to Sema Country.”
“This very order is self-explanatory and requires no further elaboration for any sensible person to understand who the original land owner is and who the ‘New Comer’ is. And this order also goes to show who has been the trouble maker since the beginning,” ZYO stated.
As stated in the past, ZYON said the original Kiyevi villagers, have on their own volition, shifted and established Kiyeto village in 1979 after an agreement was reached with the government.
However, ZYON alleged that some renegades, whose greed and want for vast lands could not be quenched, came back to settle and started the trouble even to the extent of committing violence.
It claimed that there were living personalities and descendants of Kiyevi who could testify the truth “if they so desire and we appeal to such people to bravely speak out the truth in true Christian spirit.”
ZYON said the claims that Lamhanamdi village was within the land of Western Sumi Areas was nothing but a mockery of the customary and traditional practices of the Nagas.
Despite speaking and preaching so much about peace and brotherhood amongst Nagas, ZYON said when a section of people “defend criminals and illegal activities”, it poses a deep threat to the very essence of Naga society and to peace yearned by all.

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