Tuesday, November 29, 2022

ZYON rejoinder to WSYF statement

Drawing attention to the press statement by the Western Sumi Youth Front(WSYF) which claimed that Keyivi village was established in 1939 with permission from the British “when no boundaries existed”; Zeliangrong Youth Organisation Nagaland (ZYON) through its media cell, asserted that the claim was “ridiculous since the British do not possess even an inch of land”.
ZYON through its media cell further maintained that erstwhile Kiyevi village was given due customary rights by Lamhai village in 1939 in true spirit of Naga brotherhood, as sought by Kiyevi, Lotavi and 43 others, after approaching Lamhai village for “adopting them as their sons and sought permission to establish a new village in Lamhai land.” ZYON said verbatim agreement was made to abide by the custom and tradition of the ancestral village by slaughter of a pig by Lamhai village to host the guests and that Kiyevi and Lotavi and group paid 4 Annas each to the villagers and 8 Annas to the GB of Lamhai village”.
ZYON said the agreement was also “confirmed by customary oath in 1954 by Lamhai GB in presence of K.Bora and DBs Zutovi and Ikiesing “for peaceful coexistence.”
Further, ZYON mentioned that “there were clear-cut boundaries of erstwhile Kiyevi village when it was initially established in 1939– North [Ngeuriezang (Ngeurie Range)], South (Stone Pillar), East (Duilonggo stream till the confluence of Tehai river) and West [Ncuketikpereu (Kalapathar stream) till the confluence of Nkoreu river.”
ZYON said there was no requirement for the landowner ancestral villages to obtain government recognition (Patta) as the village was the sole legitimate owner (Lamhai village) of its village land.
However, according to WSYF, ZYON said establishment of Kiyevi village was permitted by the Britishers without the consent of Lamhai village. ZYON, therefore, said that such a claim was ridiculous since the Britishers did not possess even an inch of land as there were only two ancestral villages around the present so-called dispute area namely– Chumukedima and Lamhai village, whose traditional boundary was clearly demarcated and respected by both the villages between the Angami and the Zeliang communities.
It also said that in Zeliang ancestral land, now called Peren district, no satellite village was ever established without permission, either verbal or written, from the ancestral landowners.
In the case of erstwhile Kiyevi village, ZYON said due customary rights were given by Lamhai village in 1939 in the true spirit of Naga brotherhood, as sought by Kiyevi, Lotavi and others numbering 43; who approached Lamhai village for adopting them as their sons and sought permission to establish a new village in Lamhai land.
It said that with “verbatim agreement to abide by the customs and traditions of the ancestral landowner village, a pig was slaughtered by Lamhai Village to host the guests while Kiyevi, Lotavi and group paid 4 Annas each to the Villagers and 8 Annas to the G.B of Lamhai Village. ZYON said “parent seeds” were exchanged to progress and prosper and the land to establish erstwhile Kiyevi village was gifted by Lamhai village with well demarcated land boundaries.
ZYON said that this was confirmed by customary oath in 1954 by Lamhai GB in the presence of K. Bora and D.Bs, Zutovi and Ikiesing for peaceful co-existence as long as the customary obligation to live with mutual respect for each other was honored.
However, with the passage of time, it alleged that “the customary rights conferred to erstwhile Kiyevi village by the ancestral landowner was reciprocated with dishonor and disrespect to the age-old Naga customs by killings and land encroachments.”
It also said that there were continuous conflicts and subsequently, Kiyevi village, which was originally established with the permission of Lamhai Village, shifted to the Rangapahar forest area in 1979-80 and subsequently was renamed as Kiyeto village which exist till today under Dhansiripar circle.
“It is up to the Naga people to understand that in every incident which took place at Lamhainamdi village, sophisticated weapons were displayed openly and there are living witnesses to testify to this fact,” ZYON claimed. It is without an iota of doubt that Lamhai village is the ancestral landowner of erstwhile Kiyevi village and present day Lamhainamdi village, ZYON said.
ZYON said from the time when Kiyevi village was established after taking due permission from Lamhai village with clear demarcated boundaries, the land above and below Kiyevi village including the present-day Lamhainamdi village, belonged to Lamhai village and is outside the jurisdiction of the shifted Kiyevi village.
Likewise, it said bringing in the case of ex-chairman of Dungki village, purchasing land from Kiyevi village is a joke since a villager from Dungki village purchasing a plot of land from Kiyevi village, or Mhaikam or Mhainamtsi village for that matter, does not carry away the traditional right of Lamhai village as the traditional landowner village.
ZYON further said it was a known fact that Lamhainamdi village was established in the land of Lamhai village,Whereas, it said WSYF claim that Lamhainamdi village was established in the land of Kiyevi Village, which in the first place was shifted to Rangapahar Forest area in 1979-80 was today known by the name Kiyeto village.
ZYON expressed regret that “WSYF was crying hoarse over a distorted story even as it continues to believe in a set of lies conceived and agreed upon by a handful of its selfish leaders.”

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