Wednesday, February 8, 2023

ZYON rejoinder to WSYF

Zeliangrong Youth Organization Nagaland (ZYON), in a rejoinder to Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) November 27 statement, said that the front had finally admitted to the fact and contention of the Zeliangrong people, that the original inhabitants of the erstwhile Kiyevi village had shifted in 1978 and established Kiyeto Village.
This, ZYON said was a start to peacefully resolve the land issue and that such honest admittance of the truth would go a long way towards living cordially as brothers.
ZYON, through its media cell, said the onus now lies on WSYF to speak and counsel the renegades.
On claims by Western Sumi bodies that they had acquired permission from the British to establish a village, the youth organization requested the latter to get the facts from elders and descendants of the original Kiyevi villagers.
ZYON asked whether they would deny that Kiyevi and Lotavi had come to Puiteing, then GB of Lamhai, and sought permission from Lamhai village for establishment of the erstwhile Kiyevi village? Also, ZYON said a pig was slaughtered for feast, as customary tradition of Zeliangrong, to celebrate the mutual agreement to allow Kiyevi establish a village with clear boundary demarcation? “Accepting and admitting this fact also will once and for all, put to rest this encroachment issue,” it added.
ZYON also clarified that the Lamhai village or for that matter the Jalukie village and the Zeliangrong people in general was not laying claims to the whole of Western Sumi Area as ancestral land.
ZYON said they were only concerned about its ancestral land on which “some unscrupulous people are laying claim in the name of erstwhile Kiyevi village”.
“It is illogical and incomprehensible to even begin to claim the whole of Western Sumi area, where ever it is, as ancestral land of Lamhai or Jalukie village,” it added.
On the issue of Beisumpuikam village and Ntangki National Park, ZYON alleged that WSYF was once again raking up and creating a narrative that it was a ‘No Man’s Land’. It asked WSYF “to point out any part of land in Nagaland which does not have an owner or is ‘No Man’s Land’?”
ZYON said it acknowledged the fact that Ntangki National Park was now the common property of the Nagas, which was donated by Beisumpui village, the original landowner. The National Park is not in ‘No Man’s Land’ but within the ownership of the Beisumpui village, it claimed.
It further said the interpretation that Beisumpuikam village, after shifting to the present location was still living in the old village, was totally wrong and can be confirmed from Forest department.
ZYON claimed that after the establishment of Beisumpuikam village, with due permission from Beisumpui village– the landowner of Ntangki National Park, there has been frequent attempts to encroach and establish villages inside Ntangki NP. As such, ZYON said it was decided that as rightful landowner village, in collaboration with the Forest department, they had to check the rampant encroachment of the National Park. Therefore, ZYON said they shifted to the vicinity of the Park, the present location, after due agreement with the government. And as per land Exchange Agreement, the land of the old settlement was with the forest department and the question of reestablishment of in the village in the old site does not arise, ZYON stated.
Therefore, ZYON said it as irrational to compare the circumstances of Beisumpuikam village, which was an offshoot village of the original Beisumpui Village, to that of erstwhile Kiyevi village, which falls under Lamhai village jurisdiction.
While stating that it failed to comprehend what it meant by “any extreme steps”, ZYON said “God as the witness and as faithful of the Christian faith, a time will come when the world will openly speak out who the encroacher and who the owner is.”
No matter what circumstances, ZYON said Zeliangrong people will not part with what was and is and will be rightfully theirs to keep.

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